THE big chop

I did a big chop recently. It was because of my cast I was unable to keep up with my relaxed hair. So I went to Target, purchased clippers and buzzed it all off. It was very liberating. My goal is to grow a head full of healthy hair. For the past two months, I have used coconut oil, avocado oil, and natural products in my hair. The Indique ID Hair Journey will hopefully help me better understand what my hair and scalp actually need especially after coloring it.


suggested products

Shea Moisture African Water & Mint Ginger Detox & Fresh Scalp Elixir
Balances and improves scalp health.

"I started using Shea Moisture’s African Water Mint detoxing spray. I love the spray because when I want to change my unit after 2-4 days I do not have to shampoo my hair completely to get a clean feel. My hair has grown significantly since I first started my healthy hair journey. I am nearing the point where I will need to braid my hair under my units."
—KHYREE, on her go-to product



"I have done everything to my hair at this point. I have bleached it, relaxed it, been natural, worn protective styles and everything in between. I really can’t pinpoint a time when my hair has been its healthiest because I change my hair styles so much so it hard to observe any changes. That is probably the problem, I never leave my hair alone long enough to get to know it. We have a dysfunctional relationship. The biggest challenge I face when it comes to my hair is dryness and retaining length." 
—KHYREE, on her journey to healthy hair



jojoba oil

humectant, fragrant, hair/skin conditioner, viscosity decreasing agent


apple cider vinegar


cleansing agent, moisturizer, pH adjuster


coconut oil

emulsion stabilizer, conditioning agent, surfactant, slip modifier, fragrance, solvent - dissolves ingredients


"I was plagued with questions: 
What was my actual hair diameter? 
What was my hair porosity? 
What’s does healthy hair actually look like that close? Is my hair healthy?" 

—KHYREE, after seeing her scalp under a microscope

When Khyree first looked at her hair analysis, she was caught off guard. It’s very rare to see anything that close. She's still still a little spooked. She could literally see the change in diameter from her roots (natural) to her ends, which had been chemically bleached to strip the color.

After reviewing a product recommendation that did not include a single item Khyree already used, she was excited. She thought to herself “Maybe my hair is so dry because I have been using the wrong products all this time."  Khyree is ready to see some progress with her hair, and hopefully these new products are the first step.